Selective Racking System

There are many options to choose from when selecting a rack system. Our sales professionals can help you choose the type of rack that best suits your application. selective rack system(also called pallet rack system) is in popular use today .It is safe in use and cost is low. Pallet racks create order and maximize storage density in a warehouse, making good use of floor space and ceiling height.

Advantages of Selective Racking System

  • Easy access to pallet even at the top most level.
  • The stocking of good is simple and handling becomes swift.
  • Beams which are easy to adjust.
  • It can go very well with different kind of handling equipment styles.
  • Cost efeective beams can be used for the bottom level.
  • 95% to 100% accessibility for good stock rotation.
  • Low level pallets for the floor level.
  • Goods are protected due to strength and rigidity.
  • 35% floor utilization for storage.
  • 65% floor utilization for passages.