Drive-In Racking System

The Drive-in racking system is designed specifically for handling products where maximum density and economical storage is required, and where easily damaged or fragile loads can not be block stacked. A drive-in racking system is the most efficient, cost-effective bulk storage solution for pallets, maximizing floor space and storage capacity being flexible, adjustable and with the very latest operational safety standards.

Advantages of Drive-in Racking System.

  • This system is easy to access by mechanical equipment.
  • Reachable by the truck operation.
  • Care to be taken when the truck reaches first level of racking system.
  • Selecting options are less.
  • Protection for products is good, no damage to the goods.
  • The floor space covered in drive in racking system is average.
  • Pallet protection is good due to rails.
  • 50% floor utilization for storage.
  • 50% floor utilization for passages.